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Muntons Beer Kits: Simple Instructions

Step 1  

1. Clean and sterilise all equipment. Remove label and stand can(s) in hot water for 5 minutes to soften contents. Pour the contents into the sterilised fermenter.

Step 2

2. Add 3.5 litres (6 UK pints) boiling water. Add 16.5 litres (29 UK pints) of cold water to bring the volume up to 23 litres (40 UK pints, 6 US Gallons) and thoroughly mix to make sure all the contents are fully dissolved.

Step 3

3. Add the yeast, cover the fermenter and leave to stand for 4-6 days in a warm place (between 18-20 C, 65-70 F). Fermentation will be finished when the bubbles cease to rise (if you use a hydrometer, when the gravity remains constant below 1014°).

Step 4
4. Transfer the beer into bottles or a pressure barrel and add half a teaspoon of Light Spraymalt per pint to each bottle, or a maximum of 85 grams (30z) per 5 UK gallon pressure barrel. sugar may be used instead. Stand bottles or barrel in a warm place for 2 days then allow 14 days in a cool place until the beer has cleared.








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