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suppliers of products and grains for home brewing, preserving & bread making 

  Your one stop homebrew discount store 

A Sheffield based independent homebrew retailer & distributor of home brewing kits & equipment plus  ingredients, i.e. grains for brewing  & breadmaking. 
Delivered throughout the U.K.

Home brewing of beer, wine, cider and spirits is an ever increasing pleasurable pastime of an ancient craft.

Here at Brewmart we have been helping customers since 1985 to homebrew their own beer and wine using our home brewing equipment

We are pleased to say that we have many satisfied customers enjoying the art of beer and wine brewing and drinking. 

By brewing your own beer using our home brewing supplies, you can customise the taste to just how you like it. 

Over the last few years, micro breweries have become very popular as people wish to experience something different. You can now experience this in your own home by becoming your own expert brewer.

Not everyone is an expert and here at Brewmart, we pride ourselves on helping both the beginner and expert alike with their home brew equipment and home brew kits.


For the beginner, we can customise a home brewing starter kit and help you chose the best home brew starter kit to simplify your first brew.  We have over 100 home brewing kits for you to choose from. There is a home brew kit for every occasion. 

We can  almost certainly guarantee that from then on you will be hooked as the satisfaction will spur you on to even greater results and before long you will become an expert beer and wine brewer yourself.

For the more experienced brewer, we supply a good variety of hops and grains to enable you to be more individual with your brewing recipes. We are always happy to hear from our customers about their brewing experience and to help where any  help is needed. 

There are many home brew shops, however for many we are pleased to say that Brewmart on Abbey Lane Sheffield is the home brew shop of choice.

As a home brew shop, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers and endeavour to pass on the joy and satisfaction of making a good home brew.

We pride ourselves on
putting customer satisfaction as our first priority.  
Many of our home brewing customers have been with us for a considerable number of years. 

Visit us at 2 Abbey Lane, Sheffield S8 0BL
 Brew Mart, 28 Abbey Lane, Sheffield S8 0BL
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Cellar 7 Merlot
30 bottle wine kits that take 7 days to make.  Contains 50% grape juice.
Coopers Dark Ale
Makes 40 pints of Dark Ale. A generous mouthfeel dominated by roasted malt flavours , wrapped in a rich mahogany colour and capped off with a creamy head.
Kenridge Italian Amarone
Almost black in colour with a nose of spice, tar and dried berries. Rich flavours of dried fruit and prunes typical of wines made from dried grapes.Robust...
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